November 04, 2006

Living Arts - Studio Warming & Soft Launch

WOW. This is a common response from everyone who has visited LA. The studio space itself speaks more volume than a thousand words. "I like it. It is very raw", mentioned a close friend. This space, I feel, can truly be a place where people come and live with the arts. A place where people can disconnect from the real world and connect through their hearts. Inside every heart, there is place for the Arts. And when we connect, we can genuinely appreciate the Arts for what it is. Thank you, to everyone who joined Yike and I in this very humble beginning.

Drawn & Designed by Miss Ng Hui Ling, a famous young artist who is currently working on her own exhibition. She took time off to help me out. Check out the energy bursting out of their core center (which is an important aspect for dancers - to connect to their center).

This section - Artist's Gallery is for young people (artist or not) to express themselves. I foresee a steady growth in this section.

This is my reception area. It is pretty empty. Every single tables and chairs were borrowed from friends and family members. People started pouring after 8pm and every chair were occupied. Had to borrow some chairs from the office downstairs. Hehe, with permission ok, JK.

Glad to be reunited with some friends. A warm feeling is casted upon LA studio as people mingle freely. No shoes on the wooden floor! Hope an artist will propose his/her work on my cement floor. Thanks Janice for the great food.

Me giving an impromptu speech, delivered from the heart to my attentive listeners.

Yike Chan presenting her usual passionate self in front of the unexpected turnout of close to 80 people. Yes, they all can fit in our reception area, pantry area and little studio.

The moment we've been waiting for. How did we arrive here in the first place?

Post-party syndrome

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