October 25, 2007

PATCH-ing Things Up!

It is now just two weeks before the biggest event LA has organised this year and we're all pissing our pants in anticipation of meeting our two 'celebrities', Patrick and Thanes (scroll down for their pictures). Almost everything is in place, many thanks to our sponsors:-

Freddie from Organic Shop, ss18,
Madam Lian for wheatgrass drinks,
Wendy Boey and Ann Cho for 100 plus canned drinks

...just to name a few.

We have been having lots of support from students and friends who are going out of the way to contribute and help in any way they can. Our very own yoga teacher, Annie Ng has taken the initiative to approach her charitable friends to pool together a substantial sum for PATCH.

We truly appreciate creative efforts such as this. Just this evening, some of our friends from Bantus Capoeira have offered to contribute even though they cannot make it for the event.
We hope this giving experience can go on for many years to come.

Let PATCH lead the way and continue to fuel our passion for the arts and for life.

October 16, 2007

26 days countdown

With less than a month till PATCH, the crew has been frantically finalising details and preparations for the big day. Pimples and wrinkles abound as the tireless band of misfits continuously toiled day and night to make sure everything is in place.

Volunteer PR workers plagued the surrounding townships with endless promotional flyers and calls to attend PATCH. Not to be forgotten, our loyal menagerie of students have been hard at work, attending rehearsals and practice sessions in anticipation of 11.11. Everywhere, you can see students prancing around; aching bodies, beads of sweat amidst smiling faces.

Even the public is getting excited over PATCH. Just this evening, Living Arts Artistic Director 3sa and resident Capoeirista (pro-bono) T3rry met up with a friend who immediately upon hearing about PATCH, agreed to attend. What’s more, he also asked for more flyers to distribute to his clients, colleagues and friends.

With this kind of support, PATCH will be a truly amazing charity event!
Pledge now and join the fun at PATCH, 11.11.07.
Make a difference.

Say what? PATCH! Say what? PATCH!

PATCH stands for “Passion Aiding The Children”. It is the title of Living Arts Dance Studio’s first anniversary dance concert, which is being held as a fund-raising effort for two special children from Taman Megah’s Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Home. It aptly describes the spirit guiding the efforts in organising this anniversary concert, and the passion of the organisers in bringing together performers and volunteers who are excited and driven to help their community and, in particular, the two children in the best way they know how – the celebration of life through the arts.

The first anniversary concert will showcase dance performances by the students and teachers of LA, as well as performances from other dance professionals, teachers and students from 10 other dance schools around the Klang Valley. It is a culmination and acknowledgement of the efforts made by students in the past year in their pursuit of artistic excellence in dance.

It is also a recognition of the fact that arts is life, and that arts can nurture, support and encourage life in many ways. One of those ways is in using the talents and energy of everyone involved to help raise funds that can ensure a higher quality of life for those less fortunate than us.

October 04, 2007

For brighter future...

Who are PATCH helping?

Patrick Ding, 2 years old. Abandoned by parents.

Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Vision Impairment. Because Patrick cannot see, he responds joyfully to touch, as you can see in the second picture.

He is a new resident at Tmn Megah Handicapped & Diabled Children's Home.

He needs Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy training 3 times a week to maximize and to maintain his physical function and level of independence.

He only consumes a particular milk powder under the Nestle brand: Lactogen 2.

Thanesvaran, 7 years old. Not supported by parents.

Eldest son. Came from low income family. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and

He has been residing at Tmn Megah Handicapped & Diabled Children's Home for 4 years.

He needs Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy training 3 times a week to maximize and to maintain his physical function and level of independence. He only consumes a particular milk powder: Gain Kid Advance.


When I went to the bank to open a subsidiary account for PATCH today, they refused my application. Reason: No such privilege for sole proprietors. Only Sdn Bhds are allowed to have such responsibility.
This makes me wonder: How does a small little studio (SLS) like us dream big about creating sustainable outreach programs with the continuous support from public without being affiliated with an NGO or a corporation? *suggestions will be appreciated.

You can't stop us from thinking global and acting local.

When you give from your heart, no matter in what form or quantity, the gift that you give ripples into many other hearts. This is what Mother Teresa truly meant when she says, "Do the smallest acts with the grandest intentions". ¬ Teresa Chian