April 11, 2007

Special Announcement! Masterclass postponed.

Living Arts presents a DANCE MASTERCLASS by celebrity dancer ‘Normann’.

Specialize in Hip Hop, Funk and House dance (involves a mixture of salsa, break dance, jacking, hip hop, jazz and tap).

Originally from France, Normann has performed and toured with celebrity singer Madonna to France, USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Japan, Germany, Portugal and etc on various occasions. He has also worked with Misteeq, Craig David, Busta Rhymes, to name a few. Apart from dancing, he practices Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), English Boxing and Basic Acrobatics.

Date: 21st April (Saturday) Please note that this masterclass has been postponed to 28th April.

Time: 2.30 - 5.00pm

Venue: Living Arts Studio

Fees: RM80 (LA students) / RM90 (public)

This is a rare opportunity!
Open to all dance students who has some dance experience. Limited to 30 spaces only. Please call me for registration and pay RM10 to secure your place today. 017 330 7244

April 10, 2007

Asia Cafe 31 March 2007


Thank you for all the wonderful team effort. You all turned up, albeit the downpour. It was a successful pilot project. We will be back at Asia Cafe on 14th and 21st April, 9pm onwards. Find us near the birdcage again! Pray that we get dry weather this time.
Date: 14th and 21st April (saturday)
Time: 9pm onwards
Venue: Asia Cafe, Subang (opposite Inti College)

April 09, 2007

Why do I practice yoga?


Our asana practice can have a positive impact on our lives because it constantly asks us to become more sensitive, more conscious, more aware of ourselves—not just of our bodies but also of our minds, feelings, and emotions. Asana practice can teach us to tune in to our beings and truly feel aware of the world around us. As our sensitivity increases, life becomes more rich and enjoyable because we can taste the unique flavor of each individual moment.

More important, we also become more aware of what moves us toward our dharma, or life path, and what takes us away from it. This awareness makes us clearer and more peaceful, more able to elegantly handle life's endless dilemmas without feeling overwhelmed or fearful. As a result, we become more effective in all of our actions, and our presence begins to inspire and bring out the best in people around us.

The awareness that we develop on the yoga mat, though seemingly small, affects all that is. As we become more aware in our yoga practice and in our lives, as we move away from force and violence and toward sensitivity, feeling, and awareness, we change our individual consciousness and actions. In turn, these changes influence the consciousness and actions of everyone we meet. Slowly, we shift the direction the world is taking.

As we practice each asana, whether it be a challenging twist or a simple standing pose, we have the opportunity to become the embodiment of peace and to make our practice a prayer for harmony in the world.

To all my friends who are on this divine journey, you & I are not alone. Namaste. Om Shanti.

Embracing Change

We all know that nothing is permanent. What goes around, comes around. These are the natural laws of the universe. As the Artistic Director of Living Arts, I am constantly faced with the challenge to provide tremendous freedom & creative space for my ppl and to build a megasolid structure for the business. Space + Structure = ?

In the events leading up to the new reality dance show - SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (SYTYCD) that has become the talk of the town recently, LA has embraced multiple layers of change. As friends & students continue to come and go, I can only get more excited and be prepared for our next challenge.

I have reset our marketing strategy. A fortnightly public performance at Asia Cafe is set to go. We must be seen, be heard and be felt! Share our passion with strangers. This is the essence of the practice of our art - by the people, for the people. People has started to enquire about jazz funk, modern jazz, modern dance, contemporary dance and capoeira. Previously, our Malaysian counterparts can only relate to Hip Hop, Hip Hop, and more Hip Hop.

SYTYCD will definitely be a booster to our industry because our speciality is in funk, hip hop, jazz, modern and contemporary dance and this show seemed to have engaged judges, dancers and choreographers who are expertise in this genre of dance. Very glad indeed¬! Bring it on, dancers!

There is magic in each day. Find it and spread it!