November 22, 2007

Ever wonder if you can Belly Dance?

Calling all women, regardless of your size and age.
Come and experience for yourself.
Belly dance feels and looks natural for you.

Belly Dance Workshop (mix-levels)

Date: December 15, 2007 (saturday)

Time: 6.00 - 9.00pm (3 hours)

Venue: Living Arts Dance Studio

Dress code: Workout attire/ fitting blouse + long skirt

Fee: RM99 only (plus refreshments)

According to Instructor Naziehah...
What is this?

... You will learn basic belly dancing moves and techniques. How to relax your body and let go of your stress through the graceful movements. Expect to learn great new things about yourself. Be amazed at all wonderful movements that you can do with your body!

Who is this for?
1. People with no dance background
2. People with some experience & has attended a few classes
3. People who wants to learn new ways of exercising
4. People who wants to add belly dancing moves to their portfolios
5. People who just want to have fun shaking and grooving to ethnic music

To register, please contact Teresa at 017 330 7244

November 19, 2007

Charity Dance Concert PATCH raised more than Seven Thousand Ringgit

Last Sunday 11.11. was the day we have been waiting for. We have aimed to win the audiences' hearts with our dance skills and flashy smiles in order to raise RM10, 000 for Patrick and Thaneswaran, both suffering from cerebral palsy.

Total collection received before, during and after PATCH is now at RM7, 400. We are still receiving donations from everywhere.

A heartfelt "Thank You" to all performers, volunteers, emcees, donors, sponsors, teachers, and my PATCH team. Thank you for including PATCH in your valuable Sunday. Our voices were heard, our footsteps were printed, our passion were felt. I believe in the Power of Being One. If you can create this in PATCH, you can go out and re-create this experience in your own life.

Special thanks to T3rry, who had unselfishly held the fort for me throughout PATCH. Stay tune for pictures!

November 18, 2007

Announcement for NEW dance classes

FEES RM300/3 month/12 lessons

Hip Hop (new beginner + teens)
Dec 3rd, Monday at 7.30 - 8.30pm

Jazz Funk (mix-levels)
Dec 3rd, Monday at 8.30 - 9.30pm

Contemporary Dance (little or no experience)
Dec 5th, Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30pm

Contemporary Dance (with some experience)
Dec 6th, Thursday 8.30 - 9.30pm

Please note that capoeira classes have now changed to every Wednesday 7.00pm-8.15pm effective December 2007.

To register, please contact Teresa at 017 330 7244

November 04, 2007

Good Feng Shui!

PATCH team had an *organic meeting on 3.11.07 to get to know each other and talk about how each unique person can contribute and actions needed from now onwards. PATCH is 6 days away.
*organic = lively, continuously growing, loosely structured

This post is to draw an interesting parallel between the members of PATCH team. Note that ALL (feng) air signs and (shui) water signs are present. There are only one fire sign and one earth sign. There are 6 November babies working together to reach the same vision. How more powerful can that be...*hair standing*. With all the crafty, creative & crazy people around, PATCH is an imminent success. More pics later!

1) Artistic Director
TERESA (Scorpio)

2) Floor Manager
LI-ANN (Scorpio) & JORDAN (Pisces)

3) Registration Team
NICOLE (Gemini), JEN (Scorpio), SEE MUN (Libra)

4) Setup, Runner & Props Team
MALCOLM (Aries), TERRY (Capricorn), ERWIN (Libra), CHOON (Scorpio), KEN (Scorpio)

5) Front-of House Team
GRACE (Scorpio), CK (Pisces), WOAN SHEU (Libra), CHING CHING (??)

6) Layout/Space Design
ZEN (Libra) & JIN (Gemini)

7) Video Recording
RIZAL (Aquarius)

8) Emcee
CHRISTINE (Aquarius) & MAY (Libra)

9) Stage Manager
B.B. (Capricorn)

10) Backstage Coordinator
YEN SHAN (Cancer)

11) Food & Refreshment
YIKE (Gemini)

12) Music Coordinator