April 09, 2007

Embracing Change

We all know that nothing is permanent. What goes around, comes around. These are the natural laws of the universe. As the Artistic Director of Living Arts, I am constantly faced with the challenge to provide tremendous freedom & creative space for my ppl and to build a megasolid structure for the business. Space + Structure = ?

In the events leading up to the new reality dance show - SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (SYTYCD) that has become the talk of the town recently, LA has embraced multiple layers of change. As friends & students continue to come and go, I can only get more excited and be prepared for our next challenge.

I have reset our marketing strategy. A fortnightly public performance at Asia Cafe is set to go. We must be seen, be heard and be felt! Share our passion with strangers. This is the essence of the practice of our art - by the people, for the people. People has started to enquire about jazz funk, modern jazz, modern dance, contemporary dance and capoeira. Previously, our Malaysian counterparts can only relate to Hip Hop, Hip Hop, and more Hip Hop.

SYTYCD will definitely be a booster to our industry because our speciality is in funk, hip hop, jazz, modern and contemporary dance and this show seemed to have engaged judges, dancers and choreographers who are expertise in this genre of dance. Very glad indeed¬! Bring it on, dancers!

There is magic in each day. Find it and spread it!

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