July 22, 2007

Students' Testimonials

Angelic faces & contained energy before performance.
From L-R standing: YenShan, Fessy, KuanSing, Stephanie, WoanSheu, Deborah, Yike.
From L-R kneeling: MeiShang, Amylin, Jojo.
Final practice backstage

The following writeups are contributed by Miss Amylin Gan, Miss Chai Woan Sheu and Miss Deborah Evangeline Gan, who are our current Hip Hop students. They are gracious enough to share with us their newfound experiences since joining Living Arts Studio (LA). Thank you, girls. Namaste.

Contributed by Miss Amylin Gan, Subang Jaya
Since young, I enjoyed dancing, but was not exposed to any formal dance lessons. I got to know about LA from my sis, Deborah who googled for a dance studio which provides hip hop lessons nearby our place. So, we decided to pay a visit to LA. Prior to joining LA for hip hop class, I was taking aerobic and dance class elsewhere. After 3 months, I decided to look for a dance studio that can offer much better dance experience for me.

Both of us enrolled for its trial class for hip hop lessons. I found myself liking LA - the mirrorless wall, spacious and airy dance floor, friendly dance teachers and peers. I had a feeling that LA was able to give me a better platform to learn to express myself.

The hip hop dance lessons were conducted in termly duration, each lasted for 3 months. After each term, I was given a chance to perform what I had learn to an audience. In the first performance, I was given a chance to perform for Sukan Wanita at Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil on June 4. I got to experience what dance performers had to go through prior to staging a performance. In the second performance, my friends and I performed in front of 300 odds people in Port Klang. At that time, I was attending dance lessons and rehearsals back-to-back every week. What a challenge! But in the end, all was worth the while.

After taking classes at LA for 6 months, I found my dance techniques improving by leaps and bounds. I gained confidence in myself, and was able to see myself grow. I have learned to love my body and to tell my body to move in the manner that I choose to. In short, I felt great about who I have become.

Burning the dance floor with singer Adilla

Contributed by Miss Chai Woan Sheu, Subang Jaya
When I first came to LA (recommended by a friend), I know I wanted to learn dancing. I signed up for Hip Hop class because I admire those cool dancers on MTV. They seem so attractive, professional and confident. My first hip hop class consists of a few guys and gals around my age. Miss Yike’s choreography made dancing so fun and enjoyable until we started meeting at LA more often just to practice.

So, I was very excited when given a chance to perform at a grand stage in Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. At first, I felt nervous and tensed then I felt very lucky and grateful to be able to perform with other professionals for this show. But when I heard the audiences cheer, I realised that all the sweat and tears spilled during rehearsals were worth it.

At a separate performance, I was so inspired upon seeing a group of children dancing. They seemed so natural, so sure of themselves. Something I have always strived for in my dance, in my life. Personally, there is so much more to discover about dancing. I have just started to enjoy rhythm and let my inner self shine!
Through dance, I shared my worries, my joy. Through dance, I found new friends. Through dance, I discovered my true potential and personality! Because I am not checking myself in the mirror every second (LA has no mirror), I can therefore focus on ‘feeling’ every movement and interpret it in my own unique way.

Giving their best during the performance

Contributed by Deborah (Eva), Subang Jaya
Dancing has always been on my mind since a very tender age. How I came across LA? I went through google to search for a dance school near Sunway, and so happen LA appeared in the searched results. Since day one at Living Arts, there is no denying that I certainly had learned a great deal. They would even give us a chance to perform in public.

Speaking about performing, from my past experience with LA, it has been really encouraging for me to move forward, to better myself. Stage fright was one of my greatest fear, thanks to all my friends at LA who is always there to boost my level of confidence. They are all a bunch of awesome people. Not to mention, my dance teacher, Miss Yike, who is one fine lady with distinguished ability and of course, courage. Wouldn't you want to come on board with us?

Higher adrenalin after performance.

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