September 06, 2007

Exciting Promotions Sept - Dec 2007

THIS IS EXCITING because students started to register for this new promotion a week after it was announced.

YOGA - RM188 for 2 months UNLIMITED
Valid through Sept to Dec 2007 only.

Ongoing promotions
YOGA - Buy 1 Free 1 (1 month)
DANCE - Buy 2 Free 1 (3 months)
YOGA/CAPOEIRA - RM60 (student)

If you have always dreamt of a healthy lifestyle at an affordable rate, this is it! We make lasting impressions and create deeper satisfactions.


iwannaeatporkchoptonight said...

Hey do you know anyone dance instructors who wanna do part time teaching? No particular dance, maybe those which requires partnerships - 2 persons. Let me know! :)

CatsTail said...

wow, sounds great~!! i hope the students will continue pouring in :)