August 19, 2008

'Match' in Singapore

The cast of Match: (Clockwise from bottom left) Diane, Kelvin, Erin,
Teresa, Erica, Nicholas Jeremy and Johann.

Woohoo! Talk about an eventful trip to Singapore. Let me begin at the beginning.

We arrived at Singapore by train at an ungodly hour and went straight to The Arts House where we were going to do a full run and get used to the space. The run was awesome even though the play den was frigging darn cold! However, because of a miscommunication, Teresa and Kelvin had to rework some of the more adult scenes to suit audiences aged thirteen. We were a bit shaken and worried at first but later took it all in stride and had a great opening night performance.

(From left to right) Our beloved SM, Diane, Director, Kelvin and
Teresa having a discussion.

This goes to show that doing performances can be a bit tricky at times. If you're lucky, you need only worry about adapting to the performance space. If you're unlucky, you might have to change up the choreography at the last minute. Needless to say, the audience loved our piece.

On Saturday, we were free to do as we pleased so eve
ryone pretty much did their own thing. We did meet up with the organizers that night for a drink and a chat, though. They're very savvy about the performing arts scene in Malaysia and they're great fun to talk to.

Sunday was our last show. We had a group discussion, if you will, before we went out to perform for the last time. The amazing thing I noticed is that wh
en you perform and work a a team, the bonds that are established go much deeper than just friendship. There is respect and trust as well and you will notice that somehow everyone has grown together as a group.

That's the power of theatre, of performing together in an ensemble and working together as a group.

The power of teamwork: Acro-yoga anyone?

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Living Arts said...

Woa, fun & informative. Put up more pics, from the train ride to the MyVi stalling by the roadside on d way home. and Jonker Street? also, make the pics medium/small size coz too blur. cheers, sister!