November 13, 2006

Fees for you, my friend

For friends who enquired about our fees at LA, here is the list.

Dance is the pulse and rhythm of life! Whether you are a serious dancer or a casual dancer, there is definitely something that can get you up on your feet. Enjoy an exciting mix of Hip Hop, Funk, Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance and Contemporary Dance. Feel your bodies explore different forms of energy as it moves through space.

Fees: RM300 for 1 term/3 months/12 lessons
Payment menthod: Pay per term
Promotion on Buy 2 Free 1 – If you register for a dance class with 2 friends, your fees will be waived for the whole term.

Yoga can provide relief from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Think of yoga as a natural chill pill, free of side effects. This class offers a flowing practice that links physical postures, breathing and meditation techniques to integrate the body, mind and breath.

Fee: RM100 for 1 month/4 lessons
RM160 for 1 month/8 lessons
RM180 for 1 month/12 lessons
Payment method: Pay per month
Promotion on Yoga Mat & Bag – If you register for a yoga class within Nov ’06 – Jan ‘07, you will be entitled to purchase our yoga mat & mat at only RM60 (20% discount), while stocks lasts.

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