November 05, 2006

On-going classes

Yo yo hommies!

I just watched HONEY again. I can almost connect to her story. In fact, I am living some parts of it now. She worked hard to secure her own dance centre and I pulled together all my resources to establish my own studio. A place where I share my tears & joy. (Melvin, you are right). At LA, we do more than just dance. Let's get connected and experience living with the Arts.

6 - 7pm Hip Hop Amuro & Musical Theatre
7 - 8pm Jackson Groove & Yoga
8 - 9pm Funky Spears & Yoga
9 -10pm Funky Spears & Yoga

6 - 7pm Hip Hop Amuro & Modern Dance
7 - 8pm Contemporary Dance & Yoga
8 - 9pm Funky Spears & Yoga
9-10pm Funky Spears & Yoga

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, we are open for bookings for :
1) Group dance classes (min 6 person) Choose own timing
2) Yoga at Lunch (private or group) Time: 1 - 2pm & 2 - 3pm
3) Yoga at Sunrise (private or group) Time: 7 - 8am & 8 - 9am

Please pay us a visit at our beautiful studio or simply call Teresa at 017- 330 7244 or Yike at 012-399 8467.

Feedback for Class Description
Would you like to know more about our Modern dance class? What is the difference between Modern dance and Contemporary dance? Choose a class that suits your personality. Post a comment here and let us know if you would like to know more. Thank you.


iwannaeatporkchoptonight said...

No price list? :)

Kh n mich said...

HI is your studio open everyday ???? i can come up to ur studio anytime??? i will be good if u can post up the price list ...

Tobiyama said...

Dear Teresa,

I saw your tears & joy, literally, during the soft opening.

Am happy for you & inspire by the impetus of that moment.

I am looking forward to have my own tears & joys of the same magnitude in the near future.

Here's a goodwill comment to both our arts endeavour: Forwards, Upwards, Onwards~!!!