March 29, 2007

Here, take a moment

Take a deep breathe. inhale...exhale...

Hooray! We have been given the privilege to hold our very first outdoor performance at a very happening spot in Subang & Sunway area. Come over, have a drink and make some noise! We will be throwing ourselves on the floor and up in the air, near the bird cage...Let me repeat, find us near the bird cage. Come & say HOLA!

Time: 9.00-10.00pm

Date: 31 March (saturday)

Venue: Asia Cafe, Subang (opposite Inti College)

Program: Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance, Line Dancing & Capoeira


1shoe said...

Hooray!!! It was a great start doin it outdoor! Well, never thought that we can really have a chance to do it (will b more gambate next time haha). Thanks to our teacher Yike and to 3sa as well as others, surprise with the supporters! Cheers, and continue support speaks louder than words (" p)

Valerie said...

i was not supposed to be in the dance(as im abit out from those red)hahaha......but mana in the pictures !!!hope we will have the chance to perform TOGETHER(in a proper way,not hop into the group suddenly):)))))))