October 16, 2007

Say what? PATCH! Say what? PATCH!

PATCH stands for “Passion Aiding The Children”. It is the title of Living Arts Dance Studio’s first anniversary dance concert, which is being held as a fund-raising effort for two special children from Taman Megah’s Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Home. It aptly describes the spirit guiding the efforts in organising this anniversary concert, and the passion of the organisers in bringing together performers and volunteers who are excited and driven to help their community and, in particular, the two children in the best way they know how – the celebration of life through the arts.

The first anniversary concert will showcase dance performances by the students and teachers of LA, as well as performances from other dance professionals, teachers and students from 10 other dance schools around the Klang Valley. It is a culmination and acknowledgement of the efforts made by students in the past year in their pursuit of artistic excellence in dance.

It is also a recognition of the fact that arts is life, and that arts can nurture, support and encourage life in many ways. One of those ways is in using the talents and energy of everyone involved to help raise funds that can ensure a higher quality of life for those less fortunate than us.

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