October 16, 2007

26 days countdown

With less than a month till PATCH, the crew has been frantically finalising details and preparations for the big day. Pimples and wrinkles abound as the tireless band of misfits continuously toiled day and night to make sure everything is in place.

Volunteer PR workers plagued the surrounding townships with endless promotional flyers and calls to attend PATCH. Not to be forgotten, our loyal menagerie of students have been hard at work, attending rehearsals and practice sessions in anticipation of 11.11. Everywhere, you can see students prancing around; aching bodies, beads of sweat amidst smiling faces.

Even the public is getting excited over PATCH. Just this evening, Living Arts Artistic Director 3sa and resident Capoeirista (pro-bono) T3rry met up with a friend who immediately upon hearing about PATCH, agreed to attend. What’s more, he also asked for more flyers to distribute to his clients, colleagues and friends.

With this kind of support, PATCH will be a truly amazing charity event!
Pledge now and join the fun at PATCH, 11.11.07.
Make a difference.

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