November 22, 2007

Ever wonder if you can Belly Dance?

Calling all women, regardless of your size and age.
Come and experience for yourself.
Belly dance feels and looks natural for you.

Belly Dance Workshop (mix-levels)

Date: December 15, 2007 (saturday)

Time: 6.00 - 9.00pm (3 hours)

Venue: Living Arts Dance Studio

Dress code: Workout attire/ fitting blouse + long skirt

Fee: RM99 only (plus refreshments)

According to Instructor Naziehah...
What is this?

... You will learn basic belly dancing moves and techniques. How to relax your body and let go of your stress through the graceful movements. Expect to learn great new things about yourself. Be amazed at all wonderful movements that you can do with your body!

Who is this for?
1. People with no dance background
2. People with some experience & has attended a few classes
3. People who wants to learn new ways of exercising
4. People who wants to add belly dancing moves to their portfolios
5. People who just want to have fun shaking and grooving to ethnic music

To register, please contact Teresa at 017 330 7244


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I'm just wondering, can guys join too? Are there any male belly dancers around? And by male, I'm not referring to the infamous 'belly-saw' dance by some infamous LA member.

Living Arts said...

There are male belly dancers around with properly trained techniques. Call me & register if you have the balls.

Em Lyon said...

Any lesson for pole dancing? Stripping alone is dull...

Anonymous said...

Stripping? Didn't know belly dancing involves stripping. Saw this really cool pole dancer on youtube the other day. Wonder if living-arts will have pole dancing classes one day. It's really an art, to be able to pole dance. Not like the cheap nonsense you see in some clubs.

Living Arts said...

Haven't had any fabulous pole dancer walking into Living Arts yet. But if I happen to meet one or more, you'd be the first to know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll most definitely be there.

Living Arts said...

Anonymous: Can I get your name & number?

Anonymous said...

Sure, you want to ask me out for a drink? Should I post my name and number for all to see? Or shall I email you directly? Emails can get personal sometimes.

cynthia said...

hi, I'm Cynthia. I would like to know belly dance help to firm up the waist, what about to firm up our armpit? Is it need to go for hip hop dance?

How much is the course fee for Belly dance?

cynthia said...

hi, wondering the course fee of RM99 is for 4 lessons or 1 lesson?

Living Arts said...

Hi Cynthia:
RM99 is the fee for this workshop. On-going classes for Belly Dancing is RM120 for 4 classes. Can you give me your email? I can send you our schedule for the time and day of class. Thanks.

cynthia said...

Hi Thanks.
Here are my email address:

Can i go there to watch before considering signing up the lesson?

Anonymous said...

Do u teach latim dances?