November 04, 2007

Good Feng Shui!

PATCH team had an *organic meeting on 3.11.07 to get to know each other and talk about how each unique person can contribute and actions needed from now onwards. PATCH is 6 days away.
*organic = lively, continuously growing, loosely structured

This post is to draw an interesting parallel between the members of PATCH team. Note that ALL (feng) air signs and (shui) water signs are present. There are only one fire sign and one earth sign. There are 6 November babies working together to reach the same vision. How more powerful can that be...*hair standing*. With all the crafty, creative & crazy people around, PATCH is an imminent success. More pics later!

1) Artistic Director
TERESA (Scorpio)

2) Floor Manager
LI-ANN (Scorpio) & JORDAN (Pisces)

3) Registration Team
NICOLE (Gemini), JEN (Scorpio), SEE MUN (Libra)

4) Setup, Runner & Props Team
MALCOLM (Aries), TERRY (Capricorn), ERWIN (Libra), CHOON (Scorpio), KEN (Scorpio)

5) Front-of House Team
GRACE (Scorpio), CK (Pisces), WOAN SHEU (Libra), CHING CHING (??)

6) Layout/Space Design
ZEN (Libra) & JIN (Gemini)

7) Video Recording
RIZAL (Aquarius)

8) Emcee
CHRISTINE (Aquarius) & MAY (Libra)

9) Stage Manager
B.B. (Capricorn)

10) Backstage Coordinator
YEN SHAN (Cancer)

11) Food & Refreshment
YIKE (Gemini)

12) Music Coordinator

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