December 22, 2007

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I know of many people who would wish for everything new and different because they genuinely want a HAPPY-new-year. But only a few, I dare say, would envision the "new and different" and make necessary changes to make it happen.

I too dream about the "new and different". And I cannot help but retrace my footsteps. Where I have been, What I have done, Who I have been. Here are some snippets and an outline of what we have accomplished throughout our first year. Yes, we are only one year old!

January - Perform for Orientation Night at Taylor's College, PJ & Interviewed by The Star Newspaper

February - Conduct Contemporary Dance workshop at Taylor's College, PJ & Organise Astrology and Feng Shui Talk at LA

March - 1st Public Performance at Asia Cafe & Organise Dance & Capoeira Workshop at LA & Conduct Contemporary Dance Workshop at Sunway University College & Sponsor for Lex Star Bride Night at Summit Hotel, Subang & Malcolm's birthday celebration

April - Provide professional grooming, catwalk and showmanship training for 9 talents in 360 Degrees Beauty Contest, Organise Dance Masterclass by Normann & friends from USA

May - Conduct Holiday Camp at LA & Conduct Dance Workshop at Girl Power Camp in Sunway University College & 2nd Public Performance at Asia Cafe & Interviewed by The Star Newspaper

June - Visit Singapore Arts Festival, Judge for Steal the Limelight, Charity Dance Talent Search at UM & Perform for Sukan Wanita at Stadium Putra

July - Perform for Rotary Club of Kelana Jaya's Installation at Bukit Equesterian & Participate in Tari '07 at ASWARA

August - Participate in the Awakening Global Action in Bali & Conduct Contemporary Dance Workshop in Dance Vogue, Ipoh

September - Perform for the 7th Annual Concert of The Music Professionals at Securities Commission & Perform for Tadika Chee Oi's Biennial Concert at Internationl Youth Center, Bandar Tun Razak & Perform for MCA's Pesta Tanglung Annual Mooncake Festival Celebration in Sunway & Woan Sheu birthday celebration & Judge Talentime Competition at Monash University & Conduct Little Dancer Children Program workshops

October - Perform for Rotary Club's Joint Conference at Sheraton, Subang & Zen's birthday celebration & Interviewed by Nuyou Magazine

November - Organise Living Arts' 1st Anniversary Charity Dance Concert (PATCH) & Perform for HerbaLife at Putrajaya International Convention Centre

December - Conduct Belly Dancing Workshop at LA & Conduct Animal Musical Party at The Music Professionals Academy, Kota D'sara & Public roda (capoeira) at Sunway Pyramid, New entrance & Judge Talentime Competition at Melia Hotel & Organise Wine Appreciation Night for PATCH volunteers at Divino Bistro

Other activities to be conducted by Living Arts:
1) Dance Teacher Intensive Training Course Jan - April 2008
2) Conduct Dance lessons at Sri KDU
3) Charity performances at various venues
4) NEW INTAKE: Capoeira, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Gymnastics, Little Dancer Children Program


Sasha said...

Hello! Your all-round activities captured my attention. I am a dance enthusiast. However, I stopped taking classes since I was 12. Am 19 now... :( I really miss the flow of energy I get in classes. May I know when is your new intake for Contemporary Dance class?

This is my email add:

Thanks so much!

Living Arts said...

Hi Sasha, I have sent u an email. We shall keep in touch.