October 25, 2007

PATCH-ing Things Up!

It is now just two weeks before the biggest event LA has organised this year and we're all pissing our pants in anticipation of meeting our two 'celebrities', Patrick and Thanes (scroll down for their pictures). Almost everything is in place, many thanks to our sponsors:-

Freddie from Organic Shop, ss18,
Madam Lian for wheatgrass drinks,
Wendy Boey and Ann Cho for 100 plus canned drinks

...just to name a few.

We have been having lots of support from students and friends who are going out of the way to contribute and help in any way they can. Our very own yoga teacher, Annie Ng has taken the initiative to approach her charitable friends to pool together a substantial sum for PATCH.

We truly appreciate creative efforts such as this. Just this evening, some of our friends from Bantus Capoeira have offered to contribute even though they cannot make it for the event.
We hope this giving experience can go on for many years to come.

Let PATCH lead the way and continue to fuel our passion for the arts and for life.

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