January 01, 2008

Are you ready for 2008?

New Year, New Beginnings
Party with a difference. There is a first for everything.

We are celebrating a good start to a new beginning by declaring them. Here are the details:

Date: 13 JANUARY 2008 (Sunday)

Time: 8.00pm onwards

Venue: Living Arts Dance Studio

Food: Potluck style. Bring food that inspires a new beginning. No junks or greasy fast food. You can never go wrong with homemade food cooked with love. (Bring enough for 10-15 pax)

Drink: There will be Wheatgrass Honey & 100 plus & Lots of H2O (no alcohol)

Activities: Sing, Dance, Play Games.

Prepare EITHER a short song, a short dance, a short poem/poetry, a short mime act, a short speech. Your presentation should tell us something about the 'new' you. Can be your new year resolutions, new intentions, new actions, new goals. You can make it original/improvised/copy from somewhere. 100% participation.

Now here is the most important bit, Admission is FREE!

Do inform me 3 days advance if:
1) You plan to bring friends
2) You know what food to bring
3) You DON'T know what food to bring

Let's come together and have a good time! Call/sms to confirm attendance
Amylin 012 676 0663 or Teresa 017 330 7244


Anonymous said...
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Freida Linz said...

can u like make some kinda msg board on ur site so that i can leave my comment ? now im like commenting on something thats an opposition of this topic haha anyway TITs has entered an entry pls read don quote me after that ah this aint no magazine company :D toodlsesz:)

Living Arts said...

Like a little chat box on the side?

Kalamari said...

Yes, I think that's what she means, since the blog isn't updated as often as it should *ahem* be. :P

Freida Linz said...

big big EHEM!!
lIKE helOoOO
updates plsz :)

Living Arts said...

Don't have the luxury of time these days to sit still and update blog. Busy with my TITS program (Teacher-in-training) and Classes in Sri KDU. Freida, since you spend a considerable amount of time online, would u like to be the blog mistress (as opposed to webmaster)?

Freida Linz said...

assignment enuff to kill me so it stops right there :p

Anonymous said...

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