March 10, 2008


Since the beginning of 2008, we have been approached by people who intent to: Lose Weight, Slim Down and Trim up. So, we are introducing TWO new packages.

1) Energiser package
Unlimited yoga class, Contemporary Dance, Capoeira
Normal Price RM350. Now at RM230 only.

2) Restorative package
Unlimited yoga class , Belly Dance, Street Jam
Normal Price RM370. Now at RM230 only.

This TWO packages work for those who: Want to lose weight, manage stress level, re-activate social life, re-claim sense of balance & focus.
Yes, it is possible and you can do it with a bit of help.

If you Buy any of the above package for 3 months, you will Get 1 month FREE!

PLUS! You will be pampered with Honey Wheatgrass after each session!
This is an organic and vegetarian product marketed by Easy Pha-max. Some of its functions:

1) Improves acidic constitution
(good for those who eat outside food everyday)
2) Reduces body heat
(good for after dancing or during hangover)
3) Purifies toxin, prevent cancer
(good for those who sleep irregular hours or not at all)
4) Provides nutrients needed by the body
(good for those who don't eat vitamins)
5) Reduces blood cholesterol, prevents cardiovascular disease
(good for those who likes snacking on spicy, fried & oily food)

Please contact Teresa at 017 330 7244 for information on schedule.


Sasha said...

Looking forward to Package #1. When are classes starting? :)


Living Arts said...

Sasha, these are on-going classes. I think you wrote to me, asking about classes before. Hope to see u in person soon. Drop by anytime.

Anonymous said...

really interested in package 2, but i dont have any dance experience. When will the class started?


Living Arts said...

Laura, these are on-going classes. Drop by anytime.