April 18, 2008

World Fairy Festival 2008

Isn't this picture pretty?

Just a quick update on my latest activities. I have been invited to conduct a dance workshop at this festival. Not your regular dose of follow-me-turn-left-turn-right-5 6 7 8 - again, but something creative that connects a group of people. So here is what I came up with after some researching and some soul-searching:

YOGA TRANCE DANCE – Healing in Motion
By 3sa

From the beginnings of recorded history we find evidence of dance. It seems that our original relationship to dancing was for the purpose of worship and healing. In this ancient time our ancestors viewed nature and all of its elements as an expression of God. To duplicate or mimic nature through movement and sounds was their first and highest way to connect with spirit, and was the origin of dance.

Yoga Trance Dance is a vehicle to heal from within, to explore, and come face to face with your feelings and emotions. And allow your movement to become the Connection with the Self. We Dance to Reinvent ourselves, we Dance to discard Fears and move into the Creation of Dreams, we Dance to Celebrate LIFE!!!

This is an organic process, the place of creation, the laboratory of the self. You may experience total chaos where everything is disorganized, and the higher wisdom of the body knows exactly where to go and what to do. In that chaos, there is peace and silence. Everything slows down, you feel your breath and sweat pours down your body, the music guides you to experience the moment. You move to peace and enjoy a deep connection with the Divine.

Yoga Trance Dance will be conducted on Sunday, May 4th at 5 - 6pm.
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Much love, 3sa

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