August 03, 2008

Glimpses of our Match

Match is a new physical theatre directed by Kelvin Wong. I was asked to choreograph and hence, you may see various techniques & styles injected into the production - Contemporary dance, Jazz dance, Modern dance, Capoeira, Partner Yoga & Acro Yoga. Bravo to the team members to immediately adopted the "funky" moves (with a pinch of salt) into their previously untrained bodies.
More funky pics by Nicholas at Let me know if the pics are unavailable to you. Or you can add me on facebook.
Several important thoughts that transpired during rehearsals last week:
1) Breathe - makes the movement flow easier, bigger & fuller in space. Also makes a person livelier and more engaging to watch.
2) Strong Core - this is the toughest yet most important element when dealing with physical movements. exerting movements from the core enables you to move effortlessly. most people move mindlessly by, in my own terms - "flailling their limbs". you may look clumsy & unconfident. movements seem unfinished & minute. forget 200 sit-ups a day, just do your breath of fire in a stretch pose.
3) Warm spine - our spine is known as our 2nd brain. it carries memories, past & present experiences. once the spine is warmed-up sufficiently, you will know which move comes next, instinctively. And be less prone to back injuiries.
4) Friends with the floor - falling & landing is unavoidable. this means protect your joints when coming in contact with the floor. knees & elbows. wrists & ankles. head & necks.
These notes can be a point of reference to all aspiring dancers & performing artists. Thanks for reading!

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