July 31, 2008


True to the title, a new dawn has arrived. After more than 6 months of attracting and communicating with the universe, I finally found what I am looking for. And it came in a compact & bubbly package. Read the post below to find out what the "£%*%@" am talking about.

Well, today’s the day I officially start interning with the Living Arts dance studio. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing and am out to give it my best shot. I am a final year student completing my Diploma of Performing Arts and in order to attain it I need to do a three month internship with any company involved in the performing arts industry. I chose to do this internship because Teresa has really inspired my passion for dance and I feel that I will be learning a lot of things that attain to my personal growth and development.

I really like the Living Arts approach to movement and dance. Over the years of joining dance studio after dance studio, it hasn’t been easy finding one that doesn’t just spoon-feed choreography to you but also allow you to explore dance movements for yourself and just be plain creative with it. Despite the fact that we are sometimes subjected to Spartan training, we also have a lot of fun in classes and we get to play games that allow us the freedom of movement.

What I really hope to achieve from this internship is to know the dance industry more intimately and where it stands in the performing arts industry. Living Arts is actively involved in the world of performance and theatre so I will be able to get glimpses of this. I also hope to attain a growing sense of responsibility, efficiency and confidence through this internship. As it is, I am already being challenged even during my pre-internship period as I slowly learn the ropes of administrating a dance studio and assimilate with its systems. Submitted by, Erica Tham.

Welcome Erica! My angels & I are quietly celebrating this moment as we embrace you into our family. Namaste = "I bow to the divinity in you, as I see in myself".

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