September 29, 2008

Capoeira Workshop

If any of you attended the Capoeira workshop held at Living Arts last Saturday, you'll begin to understand why the Brazillian martial art is gaining popularity in Malaysia. Good looking, well-muscled male instructors aside, the culture and moves for Capoeira itself is very, very cool, especially the acrobatic sequences.

Elly and Alif: The two youngest participants of the workshop.

We had an awesome turn out of 22 people who participated in the workshop with boundless enthusiasm. The air in the studio was buzzing with excitement and anticipation of what was going to be taught in the workshop. What was amazing was that we had participants from all walks of life attending the workshop from pre-teens to adults.

Instructor Quek demonstrating a move with the help

of Terry, Living Arts' resident Capoeira expert.

Living Arts was fortunate to have Instructor Quek, from the Bantus Capoeira Group in Damansara Jaya, run the first hour of the workshop. To top it off we had Graduado Rafael, from Brazil itself, grace the studio and the students with his vast knowledge and supreme skill of the art form.

Cool back walkover: Syafiq showing his skills

Each instructor focused on different aspects of Capoeira in each session. Instructor Quek brought the ‘wow’ factor to his session by teaching people the cool acrobatic stunts that only caporistas know how to execute so effortlessly, thereby leaving participants and one observer (me) alike with their jaws hanging open, and eyes round with amazement.

Graduado Rafael: What is wrong with this move?

Participants of the workshop should be able to answer the question.

Graduado Rafael, on the other hand, touched on the more technical aspects of Capoeira. Even the most basic of moves, the 'jinga', was broken down. The participants were shown the correct way to position their hands – higher up to protect their faces instead of their chests – while executing the Jinga. He was the epitome of Capoeira coolness with his dread-locks and impressive array of tattoos.

Aik Hong assisting a participant for one

of the acrobatic stunts.

After the workshop, participants were invited to join an hour-long ‘roda’ with the two guest instructors. As ‘rodas’ go, it was lively and fun. The ‘Buka Puasa’ feast started right after the ‘roda’ was done, which, was good and well-timed because the participants were starving after three long hours of physical activity. But you could see that they all enjoyed themselves because of the glow in their faces.

To view more photos for this event do visit the Capoeira Workshop 2008 Album at Photobucket.

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Malcolm Wu Han said...

Wow... Teresa and Terry!! you guys really make it happen for the workshop..and I am really thrilled about it..and the AXE of the particular event was totally awesome... we should do this more often..and is good that the students get to mingle up and exchange their own skills and knowledge about Capoeira. I'm sorry that i have to leave early that day or else would have "jogo" muito capoeira with everyone. I'm glad that everyone is happy and enjoyed themselves. Till then, see ya around.