October 21, 2008

Prepping for the Annual Student Showcase 2008

Ah... the sight of stinky socks...

Things have been pretty happening around Living Arts lately what with the Annual Student Showcase looming in the horizon... The dance studio has been literally open every single day - yes - including Sundays! Do I hear gasps of horror?

Looks pretty but it's pure torture!

But I digress. Rehearsals have been pretty intensive. Sorry, make that VERY intensive courtesy of our T.C (short for Torture Chief, Torture Chamber or Teresa Chian). Believe me she's extremely proud of it. I swear the dance floor has never been
more sweat covered.

Would believe this woman with the sweet
smile is THE Torture Chief?

We welcomed Chi Ling into our dance family about a month ago. She is the latest addition to the seasoned beginners class! And boy, is she gung ho about doing everything! In her first lesson she was willing to do all the stunts that go upside down! Most people are usually scared stiff!

Daring Newbie: Chi Ling being flipped over by Jane

Believe it or not but she even managed to do a handstand on the second lesson with no former experience. She's either really disgusting or just plain talented. I think we dancers can take a leaf out of her book when it comes to being commited to a move.

Seduction: Liang and Grace being in the moment.
Doesn't it look like something out of a movie?

The contemporary dance gang has been working on their own choreographed pieces based on the themes of seduction and fight. They're really interesting to watch as the choreography is their own interpretation of the themes. Some of the pieces are really, really entertaining to watch.

The three muses: Jill, Rachel and Amy in their seduction routine

The best part about the rehearsals is watching everybody working together to make this a great show! Some of the students do feel a little nervous as this will be the first time they will be performing on-stage in front of a large audience. But hey, that's what rehearsing is for right?

Chi Ling, Jane and Yen rehearsing their routine.

Even though you can hear gripes and groans at the thought of sitting in a split for 3 minutes or more, or even stepping up and down on a plastic chair for 3 whole minutes non-stop, the students still come back for more, even though their bodies are aching like heck! Dancers are really suckers for punishment aren't they?

We love it though....

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Wow, such graphic entry. Nice pics. Suka the cheeky comments. See you in CLASS TONITE!

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